"A solo debut well worth the anticipation, Simão breathes new life into traditional Brazilian and Portuguese music!”  

  • Howard Druckman, Editor, SOCAN Words & Music

“On this fine debut recording, gifted Portuguese-Canadian multi-instrumentalist Louis Simão (accordion, bass, guitars, vocals and percussion) has not only presented a sumptuous collection of (primarily) original compositions steeped in Brazilian, Portuguese and North African musical traditions, but has also surrounded himself with a gifted group of collaborators.”

“This recording is of such a high level of artistic, cultural and musical authenticity that it stands as a tribute to the talented Portuguese and Brazilian musicians who have enriched our country and our lives.”
  • Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, the WholeNote

the WholeNote

“It is not often that you come across a recording that is so ineffably brilliant that attempts to describe it, you feel, might only diminish its beauty. The fact that it is a debut recording is even more astounding. But A Luz from Louis Simão is one such recording. Simão is one of the most sought after musicians in Toronto, usually for his playing on the accordion. However, his extraordinary versatility at that instrument is just one dimension of his musicianship. Simão is a really fine bassist, guitarist, pianist and percussionist as well. And now we know from this release that his compositional skills are quite beyond reproach too. Moreover he is smart – even wise beyond his years.”
  • Raul da Gama, World Music Report

World Music Report

"Simão is a virtuoso, not a jack-of-all-trades....This is sophisticated and beautifully-performed music, rhythmically rich and very Brazilian in vibes, with styles ranging from classic choro to modern MPB and samba."

  • Tom Schnabel, KCRW Rhythm Planet

KCRW Rhythm Planet

"My favourite track was Little Fried Birds (Passaritos Fritos). There was so much music, it was exciting to listen to and I liked those moments of punctuation as it transitioned into yet another layer. "

  • Shelley Gummeson, Earshot


"louis_simao is one of our local gems"

  • Errol Nazareth, Big City, Small World


“O novo trabalho de Louis Simão está muito bem conseguido. Ouve se muito bem e recomenda se. [Simão] é um músico determinado e apiaxonado pela música e sabe transmitir toda essa magia a quem o ouve. Parabéns pela Luz.”

  • Lidia Ferreira, Apresentadora/Produtora, CHIN TV 


"...the great multi-instrumentalist Louis Simao “rocks” the Hammond B3 organ like he was born to rule it, and also uses accordion and synthesizer using the instruments to draw from the myriad colours of a voluptuous musical palette."

  • Raul da Gama, World Music Report

World Music Report